Hansa White Rabbit 34cm


Rabbit Hand Puppet by Hansa True to Life Look Soft Plush Animal Learning Toys
HANSA is known for their “true to life” reproductions of the world’s best-loved animals.

When you hold this wonderfully “true to life” White Rabbit puppet, you will see and feel Hansa’s emphasis on quality, design, fabric, cutting, and sewing.

Each one is hand sewn by skilled artisans in a socially and environmentally responsible Studio.

Since they are hand finished by Hansa’s artists each one will have their own unique personality giving a slight variations in appearance, just like in real life.
Included is a “Teaching” tag describing, in detail, the White Rabbit habitat, lifestyle, history, location, how they care for their young and their eating habits.
 For age – 3 and up.
 Movable upper arms.

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