Hansa Red Panda 20cm


Soft toy on hand Red Panda from Hansa creation size 20 cm is sewn by hand from artificial fur, specially processed to give the most resemblance to the fur of the animal. She will live on your hand and can be used as a story games with a child, so in theater productions. With a Hansa creation glove toy, you can arrange real performances at home, and also introduce children to the images of various animals and birds. The image of the red panda looks absolutely realistic and will be a wonderful gift and decoration of the interior.

A label with a brief reference information attached to the toy will let you know the details about the life and povadki of this animal.

Hand-made soft toys Hansa creation give a feeling of comfort and cause the warmest emotions. Images from Hansa creation are suitable for a more attentive study of the world of animals, their chests, habitat, and also remind us of the need to protect our nature.

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