Hansa Hedgehog 32cm


Hansa is renowned the world over for it’s true to life recreations of the worlds most loved animals. This gorgeous Hedgehog full-body hand puppet is from the Wild collection and has been carefully hand crafted in partnership with wildlife experts and brought to life with meticulous attention to detail. This Hedgehog’s spines have been beautifully recreated with exceptionally soft, three tone faux fur. Matched with just as soft two tone belly fabric with the facial fabric hand trimmed to highlight it’s delicate face. The super cute face is matched with adorable ears and ‘searching for a hug’ paws! Simply pop your hand inside the beautifully lined fabric to bring him to life. This little fellow will not roll into a ball when you take him and is the perfect reading pal for your little one!

For age – 3 and up.
Movable upper arms

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