WH Wombat HP copy
WH Rosella HP copy
WH Possum HP copy
WH Platypus Upright HP copy
WH Kookaburra HP copy
WH Kangaroo HP copy
WH Echidna HP copy
WH Crocodile HP copy
WH Cockatoo HP copy
WH Bilby Hp copy

Aussie Animals 10 Puppet Pack


This Puppet Value pack contains 10 assorted Australian animals. Big eyes full of expression will captivate any little mind who wants to know about the ‘wild animals of Australia’. Beautiful plush velour like fabric that they will want to snuggle up with.

This pack could be a mixture of the following animals: Koala, Kangaroo, Bilby, Wombat, Crocodile, Kookaburra, Galah, Echidna, Platypus, Emu, Rosella, Parrot, Cockatoo or Possum. dependant on availability 

Recommended Age: 3 +